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  • Jane has "velvet covered iron" hands :). The more you know! So happy for our clients and their analogies.
  • "I feel like a marshmallow, all you have to do is dip me in hot coco and I am done..." Always nice to hear such...
  • As a reminder, LSM will be closing at 3:00 p.m. today. Stephanie will be heading in to her student clinic. Call...

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Lavender Stone Massage

We accept MVA’s: Motor vehicle patients with referral from Doctor
Lavender Stone is now a provider of Kaiser Added Choice
Lavender Stone is now a preferred provider of Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Oregon

If I were asked to describe my practice in a few words, I would say that Lavender Stone Massage is a special place of healing through the powerful medium of touch. I start with simply creating an environment that is conducive to comfort, relaxation, and healing. My focus while working with clients is to be directly attuned to each individual’s unique body and energetic needs.

The treatment rooms are a haven free of the worrisome decisions and stress filled lives that plague us in today's uncertain world. Here we provide a place where you can leave behind the hustle and bustle of everyday life and simply rest. As the muscles and the mind take a vacation, you will move into a quiet place within where resolutions and peace come directly from the heart.

I am a graduate of East West College of Massage in Portland, OR and been Licensed and in practice for 7 years. The development of my own practice has been a rewarding journey since I first entered massage school. The support and encouragement of my family and friends has been has been an important key to the success of Lavender Stone Massage. I dream big and have a zest for life. Both have helped me to fulfill my many personal and professional goals.

My wish is that Lavender Stone is safe haven for you and your family. Come and meet the team! May you always have the touch of healing hands in your life. Looking forward to meeting you.

Jane E. Crawford, LMT OR Lic # 12285 Owner & Operator